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This Rich Lady In USA Wants a Good Man To Date, She Will Spend On You – Click To Connect With Her

cash rich, liberal, generous, moneyed lady residing in Florida, USA just message the admin of this dating site that she is seriously in need of a faithful, loyal, devoted man for a serious relationship. This rich lady is ready to fly her man over the world.

This lady by name Helen is looking for a simple, kind, honest, respecting, religious and God fearing man. She is ready to accept and love him in his imperfections. It doesn’t matter his age, color or tribe, what she is looking for is a man who will love her for who she is and not what she has. She is ready to give him everything and care forever.

Helen made it know to us that she does not need a man who will play with her emotion or toil with her heart. She don’t need a man who will play her for a fool. if you know that you will not be faithful to this lady please do not apply because we don’t want her to experience any heart break.

Helen reveal to us that her man should love to eat – this is her main criterion. A well-fed man = a happy woman. Her mother always told her this, and she agree with this opinion. she said that her man should Feel free to ask her to cook your favorite dish. She will do it for him with pleasure. She also believe that relations should be built on trust and mutual understanding. So she is ready to tell you all her secrets. I hope you do not run away after that.

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This beautiful and lovely lady is ready to spend on you to ensure you live comfortably. She will also sponsor your Flight and Visa Fees to come over to the United State to be with her.

To this date this lady, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

I am active, positive and like to discover this life and world ! this world is beautiful! I have many friends and most off all I appreciate when people are honest, faithful and open, easy and positive, because I am the same… I like good music and I like to dance a lot! I have so much expression while dancing…mmm that is so pleasant to feel how your body repeat every bit:) And do you like to dance? Would you like me to dance for you?:) I feel pleasure to help others. Life is short and we must do good things ..do u agree ?. in past i was working in travel agency and was lucky to travel free but now is crisis so i stopped to work in travel agency and have part time jobs .I have vine yards and know how to make wine. My another great interest is …cooking. if you are MY MAN, you will be blessed to enjoy of my wonderful cooking every morning, every afternoon and every evening. So, you will surrounded of my attention and tenderness in this and many others ways.

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I don’t care how old you are and how you look, the main thing is that you be faithful, honest and with a good sense of humor! Make me happy and let me smile every day.And only for you I can change pajamas for an elegant dress, slippers for high-heeled shoes, instantly relieve you of hunger and provide you with a safe and sweet dream.

For me, love is the foundation of creation. First and foremost I am looking for my soul mate. Of course, chemistry is important. But I need to have common interests with the man I live with. I am a responsible person and would like to meet a man with the same character trait. My ideal family world is my favorite man, children and pets. I want there to be understanding between us and a desire to create a strong relationship. I search for a goal oriented, sober minded man with high family values and kind and open personality. I want him to be an optimistic person with a good sense of humor. I also seek a person who can respect and treasure me for who I am.

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How To Connect With This USA Rich Lady

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