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After more than 2 years of being alone with no one by her side as a lady, she has seen herself in the mirror and she have said she is fine with that breakup, and ready to move on to find a new person who makes her happy and make her happy as she would like to be. She is a very passionate, fun, humorous and lovely woman… That is why she would like to find a man who values her feelings, she want a mutual relationship. Are you that man she is looking for?

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To connect with this rich lady, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

I have received from several men that I have stumbled in life not very good deeds or very good treatment, they have deceived me, they have betrayed me and they have abused my trust, which is why I am here today to look for that special person that gentleman I really like to travel and share with my family. I am a very affectionate woman who believes in God and I never hurt anyone and that is exactly what I am looking for in someone… I don’t want anyone to support me. I have worked and studied all my life. to be who I am and I just want peace and tranquility in my life but with an ideal person that we laugh a lot and enjoy all the pleasures of this world and God can give us!!!!

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I am here now in search of a sincere love, that knows me to understand, value and consent, someone who has good purposes for the future and that we can achieve them between the two. Love is a wonderful feeling and although sometimes it can hurt, I would risk a thousand times without fear of anything, just to have the right person by my side I am looking for a man with a big heart, good feelings and nice intentions with me. let him say what he thinks and leave no doubt about what he believes. That respects people as they are and that makes me see in him a solid internal sense of reality that keeps his temperament under control

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