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WE just received a request from a multi-million dollar sugar mummy based in Dubai that she needs a man who is willing to be with her. She owns a multi-million dollar fashion company in Dubai and she is really wealthy. Despite her wealth, she believes she lacks in her affection and relationship life. She isn’t interested in a husband because she feels she is scared of him trying to take possession of her properties and wealth. You will be on monthly payment and weekly allowance and lots of cars will be at your disposal with free accommodation in her luxurious apartment.

This Sugar Mummy is a sincere, warm, loving, caring, passionate and God fearing person with an optimistic mindset and good character. There is more, she is romantic, hardworking, family oriented and always sincere.

This single lady Leorah have no kids and has never been married before, that’s why she is looking for someone who has strong desire for a serious relationship with true love and trust that can eventually lead to a happy marriage.

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She needs a soul mate who can give her peace and tranquillity. A young man who can care and love her for who she is with all her imperfections.

To connect with this Sugar Mummy, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for

I’m an extremely optimistic woman! I would describe myself as an easy-going and cheerful person. Even in the morning I’m smiling and I’m in a good mood. I would like to think that I’m kind, warm and reliable. I have good sense of humour. I always find reason to smile or laugh. Maybe it doesn’t add years to my life, but it will surely add life in my years! I am a single hot mama here in Dubai. I am 43 years old looking hot and wealthy. I am rich and I know it. I will be placing my man on a monthly salary and allowance of $10,000. You only need to be loyal to me at all times and never try to play smart with me by cheating on me with other ladies. I will improve your lifestyle and make you rich as well.

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The biggest interest in my life is life itself. I enjoy it! I try to have colourful moments every day. Summer I spend time sunbathing and swimming in the warm sea.I also love nature, music, read books, watch movies.
Her Type of Man

I’d like to meet a clever, confident, interesting man. Only honest, reliable, manly person, who doesn’t forget to do things he promised. I am interested in a disciplined and honest man who is looking for a matured relationship with a rich woman. I will take good care of him financially. He only needs to loyal and caring to me at all times and must be very strong and hot looking. Energetic men are the best.

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You are expected to stick by our rules of engagement and never contact any sugar mummy agent seeking for financial commitment from you. For there are no trusted sugar mummy agent or establishment out there. Sugar mums and daddies are all over the world and if you comment with your details you can get connected to any.

Please ensure to:

  1. Drop your details in an easy to understand manner for easy contact
  2. Use your whatsapp details so she/he can view your whatsapp display picture
  3. Get registered on our platform.
  4. Please understand that we only request for sugar mummies and do not influence who she decides to accept.
  5. Keep trying and you will be favored someday
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