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Rich Lady In Texas, USA Wants a Lovely Man To Settle Down With Her – Click To Connect With Her

Hello Guys!! A rich 35 years old rich lady who goes by the name Karen Wood residing in Texas, USA just sent us a message that he is seeking a man who is ready to settle down with her. This lady wants to meet a man who is kind, sweet, loving, caring, loyal, passionate, serious, rommmmmantic, with a good sense of humor. and honest man with a good sense of humor. A man who will love her with everything within him. A man who will love her for who she is and not what she has.She is not ready to date a troublesome man. IF you are a troublesome man, please stay away from her.

This rich lady who work with Chevron oil company is ready to spend on you. SHe is ready to give that life you have been dreaming of. Karen does not drink alcohol and has this to say about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

I am a beautiful woman from Texas, USA who is mature enough to realize that for any woman life without love and happy family is incomplete and senseless. That is why I am here! I know I shall be a calm, attentive, affectionate and devoted partner. I enjoy comfort and coziness at home. To my mind, a place where a family lives has to be full of smiles, joy, and happiness.

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I am a very active personality. Very often I go out to see new places, mostly theaters, and museums. I enjoy history and literature. I also love watching comedies and actions. I like riding a bike and I wish to ride one with you one day. My profession makes me happy. I love inspiring people and make them to feel confident and happy. So I may say that one of my hobbies became my profession.

Every time, when I start thinking about my perfect partner, I imagine a man, who knows how to enjoy life, a man, who has a good sense of humor, who would enjoy laughing with me and the one, who I can lay on in any situation. I want my future partner and future husband also be my closest friend to share all the moments together.

Yes, I am that woman who always loses because she always risks, I am that woman who loves to give everything. I never give anything halfway because I don’t like loves in poor incomplete versions. I am that crazy, free, sentimental, vehement, dreamy and determined woman and very excessive when it comes to love, and that’s how I am, I am a woman who has had her heart broken more than once, but who despite that is stubborn and rebellious like me, so much so that despite everything I’m here again betting on love. Are you interested in talking a bit?

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At this point in my life, the perspective I have about relationships has changed considerably, at this moment I hope to have something that gives me a lot of peace and pleasant emotions, to understand a person from what I can perceive, not based on past experiences , I feel really full to start a relationship from 0 without thinking about what happened in the past, so tell me, would you come with me to experiment, I’ll invite the first dinner.

All you have to do to connect with this beautiful and rich is simply to make an impression via the comments and then drop valid contact details afterward. Shee is waiting to pick you from the comment section.

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How to get this Rich Lady In USA

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