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“I Really Like To Date You, Click To Accept Me & Let’s Chat” – This Rich Lady In USA Is Interested In a Good Man


A beautiful rich lady by name Florence Westlake in New York, USA who is financially stable just contacted us that she is seeking for an honest, understanding, a man that will be able to listen to her , communicate his feelings to her ,make her laugh, comfort her, stand by her side, respect her, love and care for her only..


This beautiful rich lady runs several businesses across Europe. She is ready to spend on you provided you will be able to love her and cherish her.

Florence needs a MAN who is not afraid of tenderness, A MAN who will protects her from others and from herself. A MAN who with each sunrise offers her an illusion. A MAN who will always has open arms so that she can take refuge in them when she feel threatened and insecure. A MAN who is not afraid to love, nor is he vain because he is loved.

Rich lady, Florence is serious about finding someone to date her. As you know already, payment will be involved and she will happily take you on tourism around New York In the USA and other parts of the world.

To connect with this rich lady, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

I am a simple woman, I enjoy the little things of life, a walk together enjoy nature, fresh air and good company, Book lover, I feel that reading frees me and takes me to other universes , it’s Magical I like to read about the story, novels, horror stories, I also enjoy the cooking, I consider myself a very good cook and I always try to learn new things plus my mother always told me that the heart of a man is conquered from the stomach, I assure you that if you try my food you will want to stay forever, I travel most of my free time , I enjoy knowing new places, new climates, stories, new people, I think it is never enough to learn and know the world, I am a very athletic woman I like to stay in shape and lead a healthy and happy life, this is me, if you feel interested or captivated write me, I enjoy the good and long conversations we can discuss from the weather to the second world war.

I am a charismatic and too sociable woman, always try to be that person you can trust, I love the company, I am surrounded by people and I also enjoy being able to help. I am always willing to show my best attitude, so circumstances are not the best, I think there is always an exit. The maturity and seriousness that by my age do not prevent me from being a daring and fun woman! I enjoy a mischievous company and an unforgettable love.

What am I looking for? I look for a sweet heart full of love to give, a sweet, sincere, faithful, loyal soul a person with true feelings, a person who has dreams for the future, who will teach me the world as he sees before his eyes, that teaches me true love, a person with which I can enjoy the little things a sunrise together, to wake up to my side and to be able to kiss in the morning a dinner together every night , or just sharing your life with me, I have many expectations, I look for someone real, with which I can fulfill my dreams and aspirations and also fulfill yours, I like romance, breakfast in bed, a love letter, a serenade, a song, just love and respect, and what about you? I’d like to know why you’re here?

How To Get Connected To This Rich Lady Now

Are you interested in this rich? Do you really want to get connected right now? If Yes, This lady is really interested in someone like you. If you really want to get connected to this lady follow our procedures and you will receive a notification immediately;

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We are committed to providing free lady connection services which is hassle-free when you follow our procedures you will be connected almost immediately. SHUN scammers trying to reach you requesting for certain amount as connection fee. We DON’T charge for connection. We try as much as possible to protect your contact details from scammers too.

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