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“I am a Rich Lady In USA, I Want A Man Who Can Love Me, I Will Spend On Him” – Click To Chat With Me

This beautiful and rich lady in California, USA just message us that she is looking for a responsible, cool, humble, loyal, lovely, and respectful man. Sandra could love to meet an authentic person who teaches her to live the most beautiful thing about love, someone with whom she can be herself and who is willing to trust her with his most intimate secrets, someone with whom she can cry, laugh and dream. She need someone with whom when both of you walk down the streets people will be envious of all the love that both of you squander.

This is very important in a relationship that both partners value and respect each other. That is why Sandra need an experienced and wise man who will appreciate her as a woman. She want her man to be her soulmate when everything is easy and understandable in a relationship. Sandra think when experienced and wise partners meet, such relationships will be very happy and strong because each partner truly appreciates each other. She believes that a man should have the following qualities: kindness, honesty, sincerity, care, attention, charm. and of course, most importantly, She wants to be loved. the main thing that was love.

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Sandra is ready is ready to do whatsoever it takes to make her man comfortable. She will love to take care of her man, provide whatsoever he desire from her. She also promise to pay for her man to come over to the United State to be with her.

To date this rich lady, read what she said about her self below and the kind of man she is looking for;

There are a lot of stereotypes about how a “real woman” or “real man” should look and behave. But no one is perfect, we are people, and each of us is beautiful. I am a real woman looking for a real man to share life, love and care for each other in the good and bad waves of life. I am sweet, smart, open, joyful, passionate and confident.

I am here to find LOVE. What about you? Life is so nice and so many things to enjoy, but it gives you much more meaning when you have a person to share it with. That is why I decided to find my true love here.Maybe he is sitting and reading my letter and in a few years of being together, we will remember how we met and understand how lucky we are to find each other.

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Everyone knows that there are no ideal people. But still there are character traits that I would like to see in my man. The most important thing for me personally is loyalty and honesty, and this is the basis for a happy relationship. I do not want to change the character of a person “for me”. I will not do this. I just want to meet a person next to whom we will feel comfort and love. Of course, it is important that a man is open and ready for a relationship!

Any woman, without hesitation, will tell you what she needs from a man. Be confident in him and clearly imagine the future with him. It is ok. That’s how it should be. And what do men want? Paradoxically, the same thing.For all their brutality, coolness, masculinity – men also want to love and be loved. They cannot be attributed to those who do not have a soul and a heart. It is also important for them to be heard, understood and accepted. It is important to see firsthand how they are believed in, supported and waited for… It doesn’t matter from where: from the war, from work or from hunting. The main thing is waiting. I am also waiting for my only one and hope to meet him here

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