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Cute Girls WhatsApp Phone Number list for True Relationship – Click To Chat

This page contains nothing else but Girls Mobile Number for Friendship. We are sharing only real girls Phone numbers.

However, it is worthwhile to mention here that we have more than 300+ girls who want to share their number on this list, but they are currently undergoing the verification process.

This should not bother you because we have Whatsapp dating numbers of girls for friendship. Please be aware of the rules and regulations. Always be decent in your chats and never ask for financial gains.

Philippines Girls Phone Numbers For Chat – Dating – Friendship

Do you need Philippines girls numbers, or as they are widely called, Filipina girls? If you are interested in chatting with Filipina girls, then you can use these Philippines Whatsapp dating numbers to connect and start chatting.

Philippines Girls Whatsapp Number List 2020 – IMO Asian Most Beautiful Facebook Girls Profile

Name: Joanne
Age: 23
Location: Manila, Philippines
Whatsapp Number: +63 9735305540

Name: Ruby
Age: 19
Location: 37, Manila, City of Mana, Philippines
Whatsapp Number: +639274730503

Name: Willa
Age: 20
Location: Manila
Whatsapp Number: +63 9777095573

Germany Girls Phone Number List for Calling – Chatting – Friendship – Get German Women Whatsapp Number List

Talking about German girls, they are one of the most beautiful girls in the world. They are free, love humor, confident in themselves, calm, and fun to be with. If you are interested in chatting with German girls, you should use the numbers below.

However, take note that a majority of German girls do not speak English, but these ones whose numbers are shared below, communicate in good English.

Germany Girls Whatsapp Number for Friendship Meet Strangers Girl-Boy – World Girls Portal

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Name: Emilia
City: Hamburg
Religion: Christian
Looking: for Friendship
Status: Single
Age: 22
Hamburg Girl Phone number for Friendship: +4974247420

Name: Marie
City: Berlin
Religion: Christian
Looking: for Friendship
Status: Single
Age: 22
Berlin German Girl Phone number for Online Chatting: +4945190651

Brazil Girls Phone Numbers for Chat – Friendship Get Brazilian Girl Whatsapp Number

Brazilian girls took the world by storm in 2014 when Brazil hosts the Fifa World Cup. Guys around the world were surprised to see that millions of Brazilian girls are cute and beautiful all-round.

Brazilian girls have everything a guy needs and are representing South American very well. If you are interested in chatting with Brazilian girls, then these Phone numbers will help you connect. Brazilian girls are well-mannered, respectful and read a lot. Their major language is Portuguese, but a lot of Brazilians understands English Language.

Brazil Girls Whatsapp Number for Dating, Meet Brazilian Women Whatspp Group Link Join 2020-21

Name: Lara Oliveira.
Age: 21 years old.
Status: Girls do what they want, Boys do what they can.
Interest: Friendship.
City: Rio De Janeiro,
Country: Brazil.
Number: +5521972786320.

Name: Ágatha Sousa Cardoso
Age: 23 years old.
Status: Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl’s mind.
Interest: Dating/Relationship.
City: Francisco Beltrão-PR,
Country: Brazil.
Number: +34634776765.

Name: Isabelle Cunha Ferreira,
Age: 24 years old.
Status: A little black dress is one of the girl’s best friends.
Interest: Friendship.
City: São Vicente-SP,
Country: Brazil.
Number: +5507938788735.

Spanish Girls Phone Numbers for Friendship – Google Duo Video Call – Chatting

You know very much that Spanish girls are among the most beautiful girls in the world, and their Language is exotic. Spanish girls have a lot of what guys desire, which is why a lot of guys around the world love dating Spanish girls.

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Below, we share with you, Spanish girls WhatsApp numbers for chatting, dating, friendship, etc.

Spanish Girls Whatsapp Number for Friends Meet Stranger Girl-Boy Popular Dating Site World Girls Portal

Name: Isabella
Age: 23 years old.
Interest: Friendship/Relationship.
City: Barcelona,
Country: Spain.
Number: +34651738834.

Name: Edna
Age: 19 years old.
Interest: Dating/Friendship.
City: Lezuza,
Country: Spain.
Number: +34655621522.

Name: Gabriela
Age: 20 years old.
Interest: Love/Friendship.
City: Ibiza,
Country: Spain.
Number: +34645623123.

South Africa Girls Phone Numbers For Friendship – Chatting – Life Partner – Love – Dating – African Black Beauty Whatsapp Number

Between South Africa and Nigeria, we don’t know who the giant of Africa truly is South Africa has loads of beautiful girls. Their ladies are welcoming, and are open to dating/marrying guys from other countries.

South Africa girls are among the most beautiful girls in Africa. If you are interested in dating/chatting or connecting with a SA girl, then you can choose any of these South Africa girls Whatsapp dating numbers below

South African Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship, Dating, Meet for Women

Name: Nandi,
Age: 23 years old.
Interest: Dating/Friendship.
City: Johannesburg,
Country: South Africa.
Number: +27625996507.

Name: Kulli
Age: 25 years old.
Interest: Friendship/Dating.
City: Cape Town,
Country: South Africa
Number: +270824819450

Name: Lisa
Age: 25 years old.
Interest: Dating/Friendship.
City: Pretoria,
Country: South Africa.
Number: +270610938138.

Real 300+ Girls WhatsApp Numbers List Online Video Calling – Love – Friendship – Make a Girlfriends

Through this post, I will be sharing girls Phone numbers from countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Pakistan, among others. Take note that you can choose to send these girls’ messages via WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Duo, Telegram.

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This post will be providing you girls Phone numbers from all the continents in the world, except Antarctica. This page contains Dubai girls, Italian girls, Germany girls, Australia girls, French girls, America girls, UK – London girls, Belgium girls, Portugal girls, Brazil girls, China girls, India girls, Pakistan girls, Nigerian girls, Ghana girls, Kenya girls, South Africa girls, etc.

UK girls Phone Numbers for Friendship – Dating – Chatting – Google Duo Video Calling – British College Girl Whatsapp Number List

We will be starting this list with the Phone numbers of girls living in the United Kingdom, which comprises of Wales, Ireland, England, etc.

No doubt, we all know that UK girls are beautiful, accommodating, nice and friendly. So for guys who are searching to make friends in the UK, you can start chatting with any of these girls below. I hope you find these UK girls Phone numbers for friendship as helpful as others have. Check the Whatsapp dating numbers of England girls shared below.

London Cute Girls Phone Number for Friendship – Popular UK Dating Website World Girls Portal

Name: Anna Malcolm.
Age: 19 years old.
Status: If a girl tells you to leave her alone and you actually do then you have absolutely no brain cells.
Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Phone Number: +447398106596.
Country, United Kingdom.

Name: Sophia Mendoza.
Age: 23 years old.
Status: The higher the better. It is more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Mobile Number: +447599099787.

Name: Olive Woods.
Age: 25 years old.
Interest: Friendship/Fun.
Location: London, United Kingdom.
Phone Number: +447908363564.


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